How to Convert Facebook in Urdu

Language is the most efficient way to contact with others. When we talk about social media, it is a harsh reality that social Web sites will increasingly use English or Urdu Roman instead of our national language Urdu.
We can’t ignore this Fact we ignored the Internet in the world, where social interactions of a network of web sites spreading, if we did not encourage using Urdu in this area slowly and gradually it will become just a local language. In few years  later Urdu is worthless for us.
One time the lack of tools we had to depend on the on English or Roman Urdu for comments or SMS. Technical experts of Urdu able to made Urdu apps that now we can use on social network like Facebook.
In the result of this social websites now accept other languages ​​like Urdu and transferred their pages. Three years ago Urdu version of Facebook ended, but it has now been restored.
Let’s learn How to Convert Facebook in Urdu.


Open facebook log in page

See bottom left toolbar select Urdu


Log in your Facebook account.

Click on setting now you can see General Account Settings

Open drop down select Urdu and click on save change
Finely You can see
Further Language setting information
For use Urdu you have to install “Urdu install” for this site visit Pak Urdu Installer.
Most people want to use “Urdu Nastaleeq” font for this you can install “Stylish plug-in” in chrome or Firefox.This plug-in is also working on twitter, Wikipedia and other online Urdu site their all Urdu data show you in Urdu nastaleeq font.
If you have some knowledge about “HTML” You can add some sites in this code or edit it.
This post I dedicate all my Pakistani brothers and sisters who want to use Facebook in Urdu so if you like my post please leave a comment and like and share with others  for the progress or our national language Urdu in the all over the world.